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Peter has written over 40 books, covering a wide gamut of Christian topics. Many of these are available from EP Books [ click here for EP Books ] and Amazon [ click here for Amazon ] , with some as Kindle E-Books.

Little Joe

Delightful tale to introduce your children to Jesus and the Gospel.



Beware of Rattlesnakes

RattlesnakesThis collection of essays on the Christian faith is aimed at young adults and those new to the faith.

It highlights the pitfalls of life with lessons from history and sport, with a few odds and ends thrown in.


Price: £9.66


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Walk Worthy

Walk Worthy, Gidelines for the Christian LifeAs a new Christian it is such a relief to know that your sin has been forgiven. But it doesn’t stop there as you will want to continue to grow in your faith in Christ. Peter Jeffery suggests that in order to understand the fullness of your salvation you must first understand what Christ has done for you. Peter acknowledges that in this Christian life, there will be obstacles to overcome and he provides you with clear Scriptural guidelines for helping you as a new believer to establish your faith. Subjects covered in this helpful book include: The local church, worship, the value of the Bible, witnessing, assurance, backsliding, guidance, work, marriage, money, drugs, and peer pressure.

Kindle Price: £5.73

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Gospel Preaching

gospel-preachingWhat is gospel preaching?

Whether we are preachers or hearers, we need to re-examine what we would expect from the ministry of the word. What should we look for? What do we need to hear from the pulpits of our churches? True gospel preaching will not only fulfil the preacher’s ministry, but will revive the desire of every believer to make Christ known.
Kindle Price: £1.99

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