Introduction to Gospel Preaching

The gospel preacher must have a passion for the souls of men and women. He’s not preaching to teach them, but to save them. Every gospel sermon has this glorious aim.

Gospel Preaching (Original Version)

By Peter Jeffery

I realize that many who read these words will not be preachers, but these chapters are nevertheless relevant to all believers. Whether we are preachers or hearers, we need to re-examine what we expect from the ministry of the Word. What should we look for? What do we need to hear from the pulpits of Read the full article…

Gossiping the Gospel

By Peter Jeffery

You do not need a pulpit to preach the gospel though the pulpit is the more conventional way. But God has given his church many ways to make known his love in a dark world. God may not have given you any of the gifts necessary for preaching but he has given you all the Read the full article…


By Peter Jeffery

To evangelize is to make known to sinners the good news of the gospel. It is to tell them that God so loved the world that he gave his only Son to die upon the cross, that those who believe in him should not perish for their sins, but instead receive everlasting life (John 3:16). Read the full article…

The Prayer Of Faith

By Peter Jeffery

Repentance and faith cannot exist without each other. True repentance involves seeing sin for what it really is; not just a character defect, but a permanent attitude of rebellion against the love and care and righteous authority of God. It is this new understanding of God and of one’s own sin that leads to true Read the full article…

True Preaching

By Peter Jeffery

Preaching should confront men and women with God and eternity. In order to do this, it has to be biblical. It has to tell people what God is saying in his Word. From the preacher’s point of view, this does two things. It helps to give him an authority that is far more than his Read the full article…

A life of giving good news