Introduction to Gospel Preaching

The gospel preacher must have a passion for the souls of men and women. He’s not preaching to teach them, but to save them. Every gospel sermon has this glorious aim.

The Soul Winner

By Charles Spurgeon

This chapter is extracts taken from Spurgeon’s book The Soul Winner. Men need to be told that, except divine grace shall bring them out of their enmity to God, they must eternally perish; and they must be reminded of the sovereignty of God, that He is not obliged to bring them out of this state, Read the full article…

The Sinner Neither Willing Nor Able

By John MacArthur

(From a message preached at Together for the Gospel in 2008) The world’s only hope is the Gospel. It is therefore critical that we understand the nature of our message and the foundations of our Gospel. That’s what prompted me to address the subject of total depravity—fallen humanity’s unwillingness and inability to love God, obey Read the full article…

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